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New Rider

New Rider

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Tire & Tube Service


1. Wheel Removal (Demo & Lab)

2. Removal of Tire & Tube from Rim

3. Inner Tube Inspection

4. Inner Tube Repair

5. Installation of Tire & Tube on Wheel

6. Wheel Installation Chains

7. Chain Wear and Damage (Lecture)

8. Chain Cleaning (Demo)

9. Chain Lubrication (Demo & Lab)

10. Rear Sprockets

11. Sprocket Inspection & Cleaning (Demo & Lab)

12. Derailleur Systems

13. Index Adjustment Rear (Demo & Lab)

14. Wheel Service

15. Wheel Wear, Damage, & Repair (Lecture & lab)

16. Brake Systems

17. Show pads-to-rim and pad-to-rotor inspection; demonstrate as applicable to student bike (Demo & Lab)

18. Show adjusting cable slack at adjusting barrel

Frame & Fork

19. Frame Damage (Lecture)


TOTAL HOURS : 3 hours


    The instructors have experience in the cycling world. Both of them have the qualification to teach you the new rider course.



    The customer have 14 days to cancel before the start of the course for a refund. After 14 days, the customer will only have 50% of refund.

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